01 December 2013

Importing Contacts Number From SIM and Synchronizing on your new android Phone

Importing Contacts Number From SIM

When you buy a new android phone you need to get the all number from your SIM card, which is really annoying for someone. Some don't know where to look or how to start. Here my step to step procedure ensure you the best result. And bonus option is synchronize account with google which will give you the power for future recovery of your contact numbers.

Step wise instruction with photo for importing Contacts:

1. First go to Contact Book and Hit the Setting Button >Select 'Import Cont.'

2.If you want import from Sim card > Select- SIM card

3.Screenshows two options, If you want want your contacts only to phone then select>Phone contact.
If want it to be synchronized with Google account then select>2nd Option, which will give the access to your contacts online and recover in case you lost the phone and recover it to a new phone.
4.After sometimes phone will gather all your SIM contacts ,
A pop up screen will appear Containg    'Import all' select it.

Now you are done, enjoy your old contacts on your new phone.

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