02 December 2013

All about Teletalk 3G packages (Updated)

Teletalk 3G Packages both Prepaid and Postpaid


Youth 3G

Connection fee: Tk. 129.00
Free Voice Talk Time: 100 min (Onnet 75min & Offnet 25min).
Free Video Talk Time: 100 min
100 free SMS (Onnet 50, Offnet 50)
Free Data 100 MB
3 FnF number (any operator).


                                 PEAK (8am - 12am)                 OFF-PEAK (12am - 8am)
Voice call-   T2T             54 Paisa/min                            30 Paisa/min
                    T2O            90 paisa/min                             90 Paisa/min

Video call-                     TK 1.50/min                               1.02/min

To migrate or upgrade to YOUTH 3G Package from any existing 2G or 3G package, type
Y3G and send to 555. 3G Upgradation Fee is Tk 20. After successful upgradation,subscriber will get FREE 20MB Data at 512Kbps speed and 20 MMS and usage validity of FREE data & MMS is for 10days.

Projonmo 3G 

Connection fee: Tk. 900.00
Free Voice Talk Time: 500 min (Onnet 475min & Offnet 25min)
Free Video Talk Time: 500 min.
1000 free SMS (Onnet 950, Offnet 50).
1 GB Internet Free.
1 FnF number [Voice Tk. 0.05/10 sec, Video Tk. 0.15/10 sec and SMS Tk. 0.15/sms].
Welcome Gifts : Voice 50min, Internet 1GB, Video 50min, SMS 100.


                                 PEAK (8am - 12am)                 OFF-PEAK (12am - 8am)
Voice call-   T2T             Tk. 0.10/10 sec                           Tk. 0.05/10 sec
                    T2O            Tk. 0.16/10 sec                           Tk. 0.16/10 sec

Video call-                     Tk. 0.50/10 sec                            Tk. 0.20/10 sec

  • Projonmo will be set as default promotional 3G Prepaid Package only for new connection.
  • Migration is totally FREE for new subscribers.


Package Price : 450/= Tk only.
Welcome Gift: Voice - 100 min (onnet-75, offnet-25), VIDEO - 50min, DATA - 1GB, MMS - 50
9 Fnf 


                                 PEAK (8am - 12am)                 OFF-PEAK (12am - 8am)
Voice call-   T2T             Tk. 0.20/10 sec                           Tk. 0.05/10 sec
                    T2O            Tk. 0.20/10 sec                           Tk. 0.10/10 sec

Video call-                     Tk. 0.55/10 sec                            Tk. 0.17/10 sec

  • After SIM activation, subscriber will get Voice -100min (on-net - 25, off-net-75), Video - 50min (on-net), Internet - 1GB, MMS - 50, SMS - 200 (on-net - 100, off-net - 100) as Welcome Gifts.


Gravity (Postpaid Package)

Connection fee: Tk. 900.00
Package Type: Promotional Postpaid Package.
Postpaid internet bill is much more cheaper than prepaid
10 FnF

Gravity Postpaid tariff
Gravity Postpaid tariff

:: Note:
  • Gravity Package will be set as default postpaid package for new connection.
  • Connection Price Tk.900 where initial credit limit Tk.700/= will be available as non refundable security deposit. Credit limit may increase by paying additional amount.
  • The default data speed up to 512 and can be migrated ranging from 256kbps to 2mbps as per data pack subscription.
  • FNF number can be set both in onnet & Offnet and video call primarily applicable in onnet.
  • No line rent.

From my personal experience The postpaid package (Gravity) is the best compare to other packages.

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