30 November 2013

Reliable source to check IMEI for Bangladeshi resident

Reliable IMEI checking for Bangladesh

Since you are tired to check for the manufacturer of your mobile through internet, there are lots of site who will confuse you whether it legal site or not? Here is the solution for the Bangladeshi user.

For the scenario that Rangs Bangladesh limited announce that they only their provided site is the legal site for the genuine phone. But it is seen that most of the IMEI numbers fail to be genuine one! That's funny, right !
I did some research and found out that the site is a fake one which only fulfill their agenda.

That's why here my solution. You can follow the link to check your IMEI and be sure is it fake or real
IMEI checker for Bangladesh . Now here is a link of one of my mobile device.http://www.imei.info/?imei=354390057672658
IMEI check for Sony Xperia Miro
Screenshot of one of my Phone

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  1. আমার হারিয়ে যাওয়া মোবাইলের imeiনামবার জানি।এইimeiনামবারে কোন সিম বেবহার করতেছে কি ভাবে জানব।


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