09 December 2015

DBBL Mobile Banking -Everything to know! [Start][Fees][Instructions]

DBBL Mobile Banking -Everything to know! [Start][Fees][Instructions]

What is the Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a Banking process without bank branch to unbanked communities efficiently
and at an affordeble cost. To provide banking and financial services through mobile devices i.e mobile phone.

Benefits of DBBL Mobile Banking

# Real time online banking, available at anytime, anywhere throughout the whole country.
# Access to banking and advanced payment transactions at affordable cost
# Convenient and secure way to send money
# Effective in developing savings habit

What Features/Benefits DBBL Mobile Banking offer?

1. Customer Registration
2. Cash-in [Cash deposit]
3. Cash-out [Cash withdrawal]
4. Mobile Top-up
5. Person to Person Transfer [Send Money]
6. Foreign Remittance Receive
7. Salary Disbursement
8. Balance Inquiry
9. Bill Payments
10. Merchant Payments
11. Linkage with main banking account.

Where to register or open an account?
You can register @ any DBBL Fast Track, DBBL branches, BKB branches, RAKUB branches, Union Information Service Centers, DBBL assigned Agents and from Banglalink, Citycell, Robi, Grameen Phone and Airtel retail points.

How to register a DBBL mobile account?

1. Customer need fills up the KYC Form and submit it to agent along with his/her photograph and National ID (NID)
2. Agent will go to Customer Registration Menu and insert the customer's mobile number
3. Customer will receive an IVR call / USSD Flash menu & in reply, she/he will give a 4-digit PIN number at his/her choice ( PIN should be remembered & shared with anyone)
4. A Mobile Account will be created in the DBBL system which is mobile number + one check digit.
5. You will receive a confirmation SMS which contains the Mobile Account Number (please remember the check digit)

Why PIN is required?

PIN is required to input during a cash withdrawal from an Agent or DBBL Branch or DBBL ATM Network. PIN ensures security of the money & protect fraudulent transactions.

PIN is strictly confidential, WHY?
PIN is the key point for transaction of Mobile Banking. Only a correct match of PIN & Mobile Number can access the Mobile Banking Account. If a PIN is disclosed to others, respective account is at risk, therefore, PIN should be handled very carefully & secretly.

Why is the Check Digit?

Mobile number is public & known to many peoples. Without knowing the check digit, none will be able to deposit money at your account, so it helps to keep the mobile account confidential. On the other hand, a check digit eliminates typing error, doing so protects sending or depositing money to a wrong account.

Which Telecom's Mobile can be registered?

Customer having any mobile number from any Mobile Operator can be registered with DBBL Mobile Banking.

What are the necessary documents for registration process?
1. KYC form (Forms are available at the nominated agent point)
2. Photograph of account holder
3. National ID or any acceptable ID with photograph

What is my DBBL Account number?

Your Mobile Account number with an additional check digit. For example if your mobile number is
01733445566 and check digit is 3, then your DBBL Account number will be 017334455663.

How much initial deposit is required?
An initial deposit of  25 TK (Twenty five) only.

Can deposit and withdraw money possible immediately after registration?
Customer can deposit money immediately after registration. But you can withdraw after your account is fully registered. Normally 1 or 2 working days required for full registration.

Is DBBL Mobile Banking secured?

DBBL Banking is highly secured as it uses either USSD or SMS+IVR as communication channel.

Where to cash-in or cash deposit?
Customer can cash-in at any DBBL Fast Track, DBBL branches, BKB branches, RAKUB branches, Union Information Service Center, DBBL  Agents and from Banglalink, Citycell, Robi, Grameen Phone and Airtel retail points.

How does cash-in work?

1.You hands over cash to the Agent
2. Agent initiates the transaction
3. Agent issue a receipt to the customer
4. System sends an SMS to the your mobile
5. For security reason, you needs to check the sending number of SMS & the amount. SMS or IVR call will be sent from 16216 or 01190016216 or 09666777777 or DBBL Banking.

Where to cash-out or cash withdraw?

You can cash-out (withdraw) at any DBBL Fast Track / ATM, DBBL branches, BKB branches, RAKUB branches, Union Information Service Center, DBBL Agents & from Banglalink, Citycell, Robi, Grameen Phone and Airtel retail points.

How will customer withdraw money from Agent Point?

1. Customer asks the Agent for withdrawal amount from his/her DBBL Account
2. Agent initiates the transaction process from his/her mobile
3. DBBL sends USSD Flash menu or IVR Call to the customer's mobile.
With the text or voice "Welcome to Dutch Bangla Bank. You are going to
withdraw Tk.XXX from your account. If you want to continue enter the 4 digit PIN or if not cancel the call.
4. Customer enters his/her PIN
5. System sends an SMS to your mobile
6. Agent will hands over money to the customer

How to withdraw money from an DBBL ATM?

1. Customer need to press the “Mobile Banking” button at ATM
2. Customer enters his/her 12 digit DBBL account number at ATM
3. Customer need to enter his/her PIN number & amount at ATM.
4. Customer will receive a USSD Flash message or IVR call in his/her mobile from DBBL system where customer will be requested to enter the 4-digits PIN number.
5. ATM will dispense the money to the customer

What is Salary/Allowance Disbursement in DBBL Mobile Banking?

It the process by which Corporate Offices can disburse the salary of their employees and Government can disburse different allowances like elderly allowance, freedom fighter allowances etc. to the people within a few moment.

How does Salary/Allowance Disbursement work?
1. Corporate Office or Government will send the list of mobile account numbers (including the check digit) and monthly salary/allowance to DBBL
2. DBBL will credit all the individual accounts by debiting corporate account centrally by a batch process system
3. The employee/beneficiary will get an SMS regarding the transaction made.
4. The employee/beneficiary will receive an sms confirmation
5. The employee/beneficiary can go to any agent or DBBL ATM or DBBL Branch to withdraw money

What is person to person (P2P) transfer or Send Money?

The money transfer from one mobile account to another mobile account is called P2P transfer or Send Money. 

How customer send money to another Mobile Account?
1. Customer initiates the transaction from his mobile.
2. Customer select the send money option from the main menu & insert the receivers DBBL Mobile account number and the  amount.
3. Customer enters his/her PIN
4. Money will be transferred & both sender + receiver will get an SMS notification.

What is Mobile Top-up in DBBL Mobile Banking?

DBBL mobile account holder can Top-up your own or other’s Banglalink, Citycell, Grameen Phone, Robi and Airtel mobile balance through DBBL Mobile Account.

How to Mobile Top-up in DBBL Mobile Banking?
1. Customer initiates Mobile Top-up from mobile
2. Customer will select "Self" or "Other" sub-Menu from "Top-up" Menu
3. Customer will provide amount & PIN in case of "Self" Top-up; 
OR mobile number, amount & PIN in case of "Other" Top-up
4. Mobile balance will be Top-up and customer will get a confirmation SMS

How to send foreign remittance in DBBL Mobile Banking?

Remitter can send remittance from any nominated Exchange Houses of Dutch-Bangla Bank & other Bangladeshi Banks from all over the world. The remitted money will be transferred to the beneficiary's Mobile Banking Account within 24 to 72 hours (For DBBL Exchange House- 24 hours) and the beneficiary will immediately receive an SMS about the deposit. To avail this
service, just provide the following information at the exchange houses:
1. Amount
2. Beneficiary's Name, Bank Name (Dutch-Bangla Bank ) and
3. Mobile Account number

How a beneficiary will withdraw money from the Mobile Account?
Now a days, a beneficiary of remote area has to come to the district town to withdraw money from Banks where cost and money involvement is high. To avoid this difficulty, a beneficiary can easily withdraw money from the nearest DBBL agents points. 
1. Own agents of DBBL (3rd Party Agent)
2. DBBL nominated Banglalink, Citycell and Airtel retail points and mobi-cash marked outlets of Grameen Phone
3. Union Information Service center (UISC) located at each of the Unions of Bangladesh. 
 Apart from above, one can withdraw remitted money from any branch of DBBL or ATM.

How to check your account balance?
1.Banglalink, Airtel, Robi & Grameen Phone subscriber will dial *322#.
2. Citycell customer will send an SMS to 16216 by writing M or a Blank SMS, 
3. Customer will get a USSD Flash Menu on his/her mobile
4. Customer will press "Reply" button and insert the corresponding serial number of "Balance" as mentioned in the Menu. Then she/he will press "Send" button
5. Customer will get a call from the system & he will type the PIN number according to instruction
6. DBBL System send balance amount to the customer's mobile number.

How to change PIN DBBL Mobile Banking?

1. Banglalink, Airtel, Robi & Grameen Phone subscriber will dial *322#.
2. Customer will get a USSD Flash Menu on the mobile
3. Customer will press "Reply" button & insert the corresponding serial number of "Change PIN" as mentioned in the Menu.
4. Customer will get a USSD Flash or IVR call from the system and according to instruction, first she/he will type the existing PIN, then new PIN
5. The PIN will be changed

What is transaction limit in DBBL Mobile Banking? [For Customer]

From Agent Point 
Daily Cash-in of Tk.25,000
Each Cash-in of Tk.25,000
Daily Cash-out of Tk.25,000
Each Cash-out of Tk.25,000

Daily Cash-out 3 times
Monthly Cash-in 20 times
Monthly Cash-out 20 times
Monthly Cash-in/Cash-out Tk.150,000

Daily P2P Tk. 10,000
Monthly P2P Tk. 25,000

DBBL Mobile Banking Fees & Service Charges

Registration Fee : Free
Cash-in & cash-out @ DBBL, BKB, RAKUB Branches : Tk. 10/-
Cash-in at Fast Track : Tk.10/-
Cash-out at DBBL ATM : Free
Remittance Disbursement (To mobile account) : Free
Salary Disbursement : Free
Mobile Top-up : Free

P2P Fund Transfer : Tk. 5/-
Balance Enquiry : Free
Statement Enquiry : Tk. 3/-
Cash-in Charges : 0.9% of the transaction amount or Tk. 5/-, whichever is higher
Cash-out Charges : 0.9% of the transaction amount or Tk. 5/-, whichever is higher

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