23 November 2015

Grameenphone (GP) Flexi Plan - Good & Bad!

Grameenphone (GP) Flexi Plan - Good & Bad!

GP Flexi plan Ups & Down

Grameenphone recently introduces Flexi Plan, a premium way to choose your voice, internet, Validity & sms plan. Like any other GP offers it has some good & bad sides.
You Can go to grameenphone.com/flexi-plan

Things Flexi Plan Offers

Talk Time to GP to GP & GP to Any Network

With the minute slot  10 30 50 75 100 300 500
3G Internet with fixed data limit
4MB 10MB 20MB 50MB 100MB 250MB 500MB 1GB 2GB 5GB 8GB
Validity in days
1, 7, 15 & 30
SMS plan of  10 50 100 1000

The Good things of Flexi Plan

It has a bright side that you can choose your plan as your budged. Price calculation includes VAT+ SD, so don't have calculate manually. It has some combination that may really suites your need & some doesn't. Like consider first screenshot.
Talk Time: 500 min to Any Number
Internet Data: 2GB
Validity: 30 Days
SMS: 0
Price: 675.60 Tk
In a view it's a good deal. 500 min * 1.20tk =600 TK to any number gp usually charge
                                  2GB= 413 TK for regular GP price with VAT
So in total 1013 TK deal for 675.

The Bad Things of flexi plan

It's really bad when you choose less quantity. Validity is a key factor, so don't ever choose less then 30 day validity. In most of the case you don't need sms plan. You need to be extra careful about the option of GP-GP & Any Network option. Don't be fooled by the savings ration. Choose only what you need.
Now let's see how a bad plan looks like-
GP Flexi plan Ups & Down
100 min + 500MB + 30 Days = 248.37 TK. It's a bad one, because minute rate is high and you only get 500MB which is not sufficient for general monthly quota.
Now look, if you choose highest offer
Grameenphone (GP) Flexi Plan - Good & Bad!
 It's bit of expensive for a sensible person.

N.B: Smart plan or Unlimited data plan user doesn't have any of this plans.

So Choose wisely & be happy!