24 November 2015

DBBL Internet Banking [Activation][Features][Login][Form]

DBBL Internet Banking [Activation][Features][Login][Form]

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Dutch-Bangla Bank INTERNET Banking

It is really necessary to have online banking account if you want to save time in this busy life. Life is better with DBBL Online Banking. Lots of features & security.

Who can get a DBBL Online Banking

Every DBBL A/c holder with an annual Charge of 230 Tk (Including VAT) or Free from 2017.

Services offered by Online Banking

# Current Balance & transaction history
# Fund Transfer to other Bank Account
# Utility Bill Payment (Post Paid Bill, Register bill)
# Standing Instruction
# Open, Modify & Redeem Term Deposit
# Stop Cheque Request
Dutch-Bangla Bank INTERNET Banking

How to Activate DBBL Online Banking

Customer need to visit home Branch where you open the A/C
# Fill up a prescribe form Download Here
# Customer have to collect login ID and password from home branch.
# Customer may need to change his Internet banking Password when first log-in process

Password Policy of DBBL

Length should be min 6 to max 12 characters.
User ID is not allowed as a part of the password.
Password need to have 1 upper case, 1 lower case and no symbolic characters.
Number of identical characters: not more than 2.
Password will be changed by bank forcibly within an year.

DBBL Internet Banking Details

DBBL Internet Banking [Activation][Features][Login][Form]

Account Activity

Last 12 transactions will be displayed.
Customer can be able to download the statement.
Customer has the privilege of printing the statement
Customer can download statement unlimited time, free of charge

Standing Instruction

Customer will be able to setup, modify or delete standing instructions
From one of his account to another own account against his one customer ID.
SI Execution charge 100 Tk for each month.
SI fail charge for insufficient fund is Tk 20.

Utility Bill Payment (Post Paid Bill & Registered Bill)

Grameen Phone, Citycell, Teletalk, Banglalink, Eden College fee etc.

Term Deposit

Customer Can open, modify or close TD (FDR) for only period of 3,6,12 months. If FDR is opened by I-banking, then that must be closed by I-banking. Min Amount is TK 1000+ for 6 months & higher. 50000 for one month.

Fund Transfer

Customer can transfer funds within the accounts & other Bank accounts.
Can pay to Credit card payments by I-banking.
Fund transfer is Unlimited, but max of 50K per transaction.

Stop Cheque

Customer can stop the payment of a cheque or a range of cheques leaves issued from account
& also can inquire any cheque’s status linked with the account.

Internet Banking Help desk number 7174095-7, Ext-114,143

E-mail: ibsupport@bdbl.com.bd

DBBL Call Center Number :16216 which is 24/7