15 September 2015

How to detect Fake or Counterfeit Samsung Smart Phone

Fake or Cloned Samsung Phone Identification Techniques

Fake or clone samsung phone is a high threat to world, as most of these are found in the 3rd world countries.  There are some obvious differences that you can detect with your naked eye.
These anomaly may be in the accessories or in the phone itself.
Now on the first part look in the below video to detect fake or original charger that is suppose to come with the phone.

The second part deals with the phone itself.

Try the following code on the phone.
*#1234# for (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)
*#0*# for (General Test Mode)
*#12580369#  for (SW & HW Info)
*#197328640# for (Service Mode)
*#0228# for (ADC Reading)
*#32489# for (Ciphering Info)
*#232337# for (Bluetooth Address)
*#232331# for (Bluetooth Test Mode)
If those work on the phone, then it is Original phone,

Otherwise it's a fake or  Counterfeit.

Let me know as it's working! Happy xploring!