18 September 2015

All kinds of License Forms required By Bangladesh Govt. (Direct Link)

1. Learners driving license application form

২. Application forms for license of Reservoirs gas reserve

3. Explosives reserve for the using permission application for grant of license

4 Licenses for the purpose of sale or amendment of explosives

5 License application for Fireworks public display

6. The application form for a license to possess a gas cylinder

All kinds of License Forms required By Bangladesh Govt. (Direct Link)

7. CNG station construction completion certificate

8. Government Grant Application Form for CNG Station

9. Storing or import of petroleum and storing / renewal application license form.

10. The application form to obtain permission to build gas reservoirs

11 Magazine / Explosive / Factory distance to the civilian area required application form

12. Application for registration (the boiler Inspector's Office)

13 Client Monitoring System (CMS)

14 Drug addiction counseling, treatment and rehabilitation centers set up license applications

15 Firearms license application form

16. The application for renewal of registration of NGOs for participation in anti-drug operations

17 Professional driving license application forms

18 Applications for licenses for the transport of explosives by van in Road

19 Non-professional driver's license application form

20 Driving license application forms

21 CNG refueling station security and checking after expiration examination & inspection table

22.Cylinders & Valve production license application form

23. Country of Origin certificate application form

24 LPG containing ships prior to entering the port 'the declaration form for master or agent'

25. Drug retail license application form

26. Reservoirs LPG Transport License Application

27. Carbide license for import and reserves / renewal application form

28. Drug import / export license / No Objection Certificate application form

29. CNG refueling station inspection Table

30. Duplicate driving license application

31. Transporting explosives granted license passes to carry

32. Notice of termination of the contract of hire purchase or hypothecation. (HP southern form.)

33. Explosive transport license for grant or the application for amendment

34. LPG import license application forms

35. Drug production and processing license form

36. Applications for licenses to import explosives

37. Firearms license renewal application form

38. Motor vehicle or vessel, and other portable electronics factory conversion for CNG conversion application forms for approval

39. Cylinder import license application forms

40. License Application Form for Jute Industry

41. Notification of change in a motor vehicle. (Form C T I)

42. Medical certificate form for BRTA Driving License application

43. No Objection forms an explosive import