19 April 2015

How to use PC or Computer internet to Android Mobile

Process of using PC or Computer internet to Android Smartphone

You can only use a laptop or WiFi enabled desktop for a Wifi Hotspot or a Virtual router by which use your broadband internet on any wifi enabled Smartphone or Tab.

There are two ways you can do it!
1. Virtual Router Software
2. Connectify Software

1. Virtual Router download & Installation

First, Download the software from Here

This software need .NET Framework 3.5, so you need to download it also.

Download .NET 3.5 from Here

Now install the virtual router software, open it.
Give a name of your Wi-Fi Network & a password. Enjoy!

2. Wi-Fi using Connectify Hotspot

First, Download it from Here

Run it, this need a reboot of your computer.

Then give a password & you are done.

But this has a limitation in free version only allow 2 days trial with full functionality.

So, my recommendation  that you should use Virtual Router for Free!