07 December 2015

Robi - How to Deactivate/Stop/Unsubscribe/Off Promotional (VAS) SMS Services

Robi Unsubscribe Codes for Promotional (VAS) SMS Services

Stop Robi Promotional or Service SMS
Here are process for Stop or Unsubscribe Robi VAS services

Robi Goongoon : Type "off" & send it to 8466

Robi Missed call alert:  Dial *140*2*1*2#

Robi Internet off: Dial *8999*00#

Robi Phone back up: Dial *140*2*2*6#

Robi Facebook Off: Type "Stop" and send to 32665

Robi Call Block Service: Dial *140*2*3*6

Robi Blast:  Type STOP and send it to 21291

Robi Voice Tube: Type Unsub or UNSUB sms to 808088

Robi Circle: Type CSTOP & send to 8880

Robi Locator service: Type "off" & send to  1818

Robi Daily WAP content @ TK 1- type Off and send 21290

Robi Breaking News Alerts: Dial *140*8*1*2*3#

Robi Fun Portal: joke off  to 4636

Robi Kid Zone: Type "off" to 8543

Muslim Life on Robi: Type OFF & send it to 21279

Robi Ibadat Portal: Type off and send 80807

Robi Women Zone Service: Type "STOP WZ" & sent it to 8378

Robi Cricket World: Call 8274 number & follow the instruction [press 7 then press 2]

Robi Shorgol unsubscribe:  SMS community name Stop to 9090

Robi SMS quiz: Type Stop Q or Stop SA & send it to 16235 or dial *16235*9*2#

Robi Box Office: Type STOP BOW and send it to 16316 or dial *16316#