26 December 2014

Welcome to Snake Factory Where Snake Only Used as Raw Material!

Inside of a Indonesian Snake Factory

Let's have tour! It even may frighten you but at the end of journey you will be thrilled GUARANTEED!

A worker peeling a snake skin
Photo source: Daily Mail

This is a snake slaughterhouse of Indonesian. This factory slaughter snake with different process and process the skin for your everyday use Shoe or Bags as well as meat are also processed. So their soul raw materials is snake.

Huge dead snake lying on ground
Here at Kirben, a village where snake collection and processing happens. Not in scientific way but brutally slaughtering occurs. First they hit the snake's head with heavy knife and with a hose pipe filled with water, then skin is peeled off. 

Snake skin processing
As demand is increased as the processing is increasing. This skin then further processed and turned into leather products such as belts, wallets, bags or shoes, usually ranging $ 15-30. But in Western country you might pay as much as $4000.

A man holding a stack of snakes

Lastly here is the products you may seen in a fancy fashion shop.
Some snake skin leather products

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