19 September 2014

Startups Program launched by Google

Google Cloud for Startups

Planning to become a entrepreneur and stating online business? If it so, like hundreds of startups program google will help you with it's new "Google Cloud Platform". From goole's words-
                       "$100,000 in credit and 24/7 support for eligible startups.
                   Focus on building your product and don't worry about complex
                      infrastructure. Google manages your application, database,
                               and storage servers so you don't have to."
Google Cloud Platform

Are you constantly changing your server, storage, management platforms for your evolving business to minimize the cost? Now google will take all the responsibility for your online business while you concentrate with the business module.


1. In an approved Accelerator, Incubator or VC fund.
2. Haven't received previous Cloud Platform credits.
3. Less than $5 million in funding.
4. Less than $500,000 in annual revenue.

These are the products google will invest -


1. App Engine
2. Compute Engine
3. Cloud Storage
4. Cloud SQL
5. Cloud Datastore
6. BigQuery
7. Prediction API
8. Translate API
9. Cloud Endpoints

These are the app solution provided by google -

1. Mobile
2. Apache Hadoop
3. Gaming
4. MongoDB
5. RabbitMQ
6. Cassandra

Here is the official web address Google Cloud Platform

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