22 September 2014

How to take a screenshot in Windows with keyboard and tools

Screenshot in Windows

There are two ways you can take screenshot in Windows-
1. Keyboard command
2. Softwere tool integrated in windows

By Keyboard command:

Press  PrtScn + SysRq ,it will capture entire screen and copied it on clipboard to save.

OR.... Alt + PrtScn + SysRq it will capture the active windows.

Now you will not see any change on the screen.

Now open 
1. The Paint tool from program
2. Paste
3. Save

By Program Tool:

Again there is a dedicated tool within windows is called Snipping Tool that will help you to capture any area on the screen you want to capture.

Now open
1. The Snipping Tool
2. Select "New"
3. Select your Area you want capture
4. Save