18 August 2014

Memory card formatting with command prompt if traditional formatting don't work!

Memory card formatting with command prompt

Many do not find a way to format the mobile phone memory card. With many ways memory card can be formatted. If a computer or phone fails to formats it, can be done from the Windows command prompt.

If the memory card shows the Data error cyclic redundancy check message, it can not be formatted from the command prompt.

Command prompt step by step instruction:

1. Attached the memory card into the card reader and connect to the computer USB port.
2. Please enter cmd in the Run.
3. When the black screen appears then enter diskpart.
4. It will open a new window and again enter list disk
5. It will give the list of your drive. Now select the memory card's disk number (Usually it is shown in My computer section)
6. Now in next command write the disk number like select disk 1 and hit enter
7. When it shows disk 1 is now selected , then write clear and hit enter
8. Again write create partition primary and hit enter
9. Now write format fs=fat 32 quick  and hit enter

10. It will take some time and when finished write exit and hit enter

The work has been done!

Pen drive or any USB drive can be formatted in this way

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