26 August 2014

Information about the five things before buying a Windows laptop

Laptop technology is changing day by day, and a lot of patterns. Fluctuating the price of budget laptops. So many aspects of the variable course of the laptops on the market should be considered when buying a new laptop.

1. Sensitive screen 

Windows touch screen
There are many types of laptop that the laptop market, you can do the same with the touch and as well as with the keyboard. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating system powered can do anything.Some of the laptop runs on  the Windows and Android operating systems at the same time too. You can get this kind of touch rich laptops, prices starting from tk 35,000.

2. Weight and design 

If you travel a lot, and a small screen laptop is a right choice for you as it's light weight. 12 or 13-inch laptops must be your choice.This types of laptop has  prolonged battery life. You need it most while traveling. But if you're a designer, you need a laptop of big screen. Advantage of the larger screen to work comfortably.

3. Storage capacity 

A storage device close up photo
Before buying a laptop now a days, almost all should be aware about this issue.Make sure how much storage capacity your laptop has before buying.Bigger the better. Now a days 1 TB would be best choice.

4. Operating System 

Windows 8.1 homescreen
One should buy a loaded and updated operating system as newer version give you access to more features. Many does not load OS to save money but if you do, it will ensure you a warranty from the purchasing store.

5. Laptop Features 

AMD & Intel Processor
If you love to run games on your laptop then buy AMD processor as they largely produce gaming console.. If you are a graphics designer check the power of the graphics card. Intel processors are useful for graphic design.

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