13 August 2014

10 features everyone should explore on Google!

10 exiting features of Google

As we all know Google start in a small farm began in Silicon Valley, today it has become enormous. Google makes it possible to find what we actually need! Is it difficult to find something here and there? It has it all! Take a look here in the Google’s 10 features that everyone should be using.

001. Google Flight Search:

 Air travel route can be compared along with the cost of the flight through this feature. Locate on the map to know where to go, which is no go today. According to Google's graph showing how much it will cost on specific day. Rhyme in the distance, preferred airline, has several filters to search your criteria. Also direct flights can be booked from here.Go get it here https://www.google.com/flights/

002. Ayatari Breakout:

 Do you need a little joy in the middle of office hours? Now by clicking www.google.com/images and search 'Atari Breakout' and get to spend a great time.

003. Google Public Data Explorer:

 Google's generally search and match everything. In addition you can access  to the statistical database of the Public Data Explorer also. Enter a subject for public data in Google. You receive information within mili second.Go to- https://www.google.com/publicdata/directory

004. Google Translate:

 Translation from any language to any language if you want to fix it. You can also listen to the pronunciation of words by clicking on the speaker icon.Here's the address-https://translate.google.com/
005. Google Nutrition comparison search: Which one is more healthy? It will answer this question here. On the search bar write, 'compare', and select  the type of foods.http://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/google-toolbar-button

006. Google definition:

 Need definition of a word, Google will tell. In search bar write 'define (word)' and find out the definition of the word.  As well as the pronunciation can be heard by clicking on the gray color button.

007. Google convert:

 Cooking at home, while cooking  put the child in the task, on Google search page write 'convert  10km to mile'. Come up with the answers and the units can be changed without having to know the amount.

008. Google anagram:

 It is a great thing. Since 1800 until today, to see the evolution of the different words used in the text books for more than 5 million. What are the most popular in terms of popularity, which has been lost  check it here.

009. Google Sky:

 If you like Google Earth, Google Sky will turn heads upside down. The stars, planets and galaxy or you may taste the Heaven! Here you go-http://www.google.com/sky/

010. Exclude Search terms:

 Want to exclude a part of search result like you want to see the birds, but not the sellers. A minus sign before which you want to exclude put (-), it will do the work.

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