28 February 2014

How to get a Machine Readable Passport (MRP) online in Bangladesh Step by Step Instruction

Step by step instruction for online passport application for Bangladesh

Online applications for passport in Bangladesh is getting popular this days.It's easy rather than hand written form and you will get extra privilege in passport office like short serial time, earlier photo shoot and much more. But you have to prepare every document needed in hand to successfully complete the process. Today i'm going to explain how to get a passport. First step is online application and it's going to be explained below. So, concentrate and follow the step by step instructions,see explained photos.
Also you can watch this video to understand how to do it

First go to  http://www.passport.gov.bd/
The screen looks like below. Tick the box and click Continue.
Some of the instructions are given on the page that's help you to start.
 After first page you will be redirected to this screen.
 I put numbers on it to explain step wise.
1.Applying in Bangladesh or Abroad
2.Passport Type-
-Ordinary if you like student or private sector
-Diplomatic if you are in foreign diplomatic sector
-Official if you are a govt. official

If you select Ordinary no supporting document is needed but for others need documents like NOC- No objection Certificate.
3.Delivery Type-
   Regular- This take not more than 30 days
   Express- This take up to 15 days
4.Name of applicant: This is the full name like your certificate -MD ROBIUL ISLAM PRODHAN
5First Part(Given name): Above green part MD ROBIUL ISLAM
6Second part( Surname) Above red part PRODHAN

7.Guardian: If applying for children below 15 years
8.Father's name: Your father's full name according to certificate
9.Father's Nationality: Is your father Bangladeshi or Non Bangladeshi
10. Father's profession: Select from the drop down menu like Business
11.Mother's name: Your mother's full name according to certificate
12.Mother's Nationality: Is your mother Bangladeshi or Non Bangladeshi
13Mother's profession: Select from the drop down menu like Teacher 
14.Spouse Name: If you are married then husband or wife's full name
15. Spouse Nationality: Is she/he Bangladeshi or not
16. Spouse Profession: Select like Banker
17. Marital status: Single or married
18.Profession: This your profession like Student
19.Country of Birth: Which country you were born if Bangladesh then select.
20.Birth District: Which District you were born from 64 district

(More detail is coming soon....I'm busy right now!)