22 February 2013

Setting Up Banglalion Wimax Indoor Unit

Setting Up Banglalion Wimax Indoor Unit (AW3 – Wireless): 

Basic Setup: * Connect the device to computer with the LAN cable. Turn the device on. On the browser go to URL This should open the device’s setup panel. You may need to refresh the page several times until get the interface (keep pressing F5). See Image – 1.

Login Page

Image – 1 Enter Username: admin Password: admin and click on LOGIN. * Click on Basic Setup. If your username is already entered to the device, you don’t need to continue the ‘Basic Setup’ (the distributor probably had this done for you at the time of purchasing). But if you made a Reset – "Restore to Factory Default" or by hardware reset button (at the bottom of the device there is a small reset button. Turn on device, keep the button pressed with a pin or wire for few seconds to reset the device. Do this only, if it is really necessary), you should complete ‘Basic Setup’. Type your username following "@banglalion.com.bd" and as of this writing the password is 123456 for all accounts. See Image – 2 for example:

Image – 2 Click on "Confirm" button. This will bring a message window asking for confirmation to Reboot the device. Click OK and wait a while until it reboots. Basic setup is completed, that is – the machine now knows the username. It is also possible to browse the internet now, with the LAN cable attached. To access internet via ‘wireless’, you have to enable Wi-Fi. Enable Wi-Fi: On the browser, go to and login as before, Username: admin Password: admin Click on "Advanced Setup". Click on "Wi-Fi" (Image – 3)

Image – 3 Make "Radio Enable" – Enable "Network Mode" – 802.11 B/G/N mixed "SSID" – CUSTOMIZED Type a name for your network (replace ‘Your-Name’ on the image bellow), which will be shown on other device as ‘this’ wireless connection is available.

Image – 4 Click on "Apply". Then click on "Security". On the Security panel make, Auth Mode – WPA2PSK EncryptType – AES Passphrase – YourPassword Type a password for "Passphrase". This will be needed when another computer or device intends to use this connection. After entering a password click on "Apply" and then click on the "Reboot" button.

Image – 5 Now it is possible to access this device with WLAN from another device. ( Click on "Help" if you need more information. ) Access from Windows 7 Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center Click on "Manage wireless networks" Click on "Add". This brings a wizard, click on "Manually create network profile". Type the "Network name" as you entered before in SSID (Your-Name, See Image – 4 above) Select "Security Type" – WPA2-Personal "Encryption type" – AES "Security Key" – YourPassword (The password entered before as Passphrase, Image – 5) Click on "Next" and this finishes the setup. Now if you have selected to connect this line automatically, it will connect (if not, restart windows). Best of luck.

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