22 June 2017

Brands that's Accept Payza in Bangladesh as a Payment Processor

Brands that's Accept Payza in Bangladesh as a Payment Processor

Payza is accepted in these Online Shop in BD

We all know Payza is a online payment processor worldwide and it also accepted in Bangladesh. But not all Brands accept Payza payment. I personally use Payza to get some of my freelance earnings. But it is very expensive to withdraw to a bank account from Payza in Bangladesh.

It's really help you, if you can spend the money directly from Payza and avoid extra charge while buy some stuff from online. It is possible now. Some brands will allow 'Payza' as payment processor. This is the LIST that accept Payza in BD.

#1 Chaldal.com: It's a online grocery shop, Order your everyday needs like soap, brush, shampoo, vegetables, fruits, drinks or kitchen cleaner etc.
N.B: June 2017. Website says it does not accept Payza.

#2 Bagdoom.com: Online lifestyle shop. Buy mobile to pen drive or men's or women's cloths and many more with Payza.

#3 PriyoShop.com: Same as Bagdoom also accept Payza.

#4 Easy.com.bd: Recharge your mobile bill with Payza. One of my favorite option to use Payza.

#5 GrameenPhone Shop: Use Payza to buy mobiles and accessories from GP's online shop.

#6 Rokomari.com: Online book Store. Buy books with Payza Payment.

#7 daraz.com.bd: Same as Priyoshop or Bagdoom.

#8 HungryNaki.com: Online food ordering service accepts Payza.
N.B: June 2017, Not sure it accept Payza.

#9 Amar Desh Amar Gram Shop: ICT division backed online shop as like as Chaldal.com

These are the brands accept Payza till now. We will be updating as any developments comes!

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