18 August 2014

GrameenPhone new smart offer Backup SIM for free

Free Backup SIM from GP

Lost or damaged your GP sim, no time to go to a GrameenPhone center for replacement?

Here is your solution!
Now if you are a Star Subscriber then you can get a Backup SIM for free of charge.
Backup SIM is like a non-activated SIM which you can activate in case you lost/damage the running SIM.
The activation procedure is simple-

Go to your mobile SMS option
Write AB<space>Your mobile number<space>PIN   and send to 4949

This PIN can be availed from any GPC when collecting the Backup SIM.

Some key points:
1. Only Grameenphone Star customers can collect the Backup SIM from our own GPC at free of cost.
2. Same Customer Verification Process applicable for SIM Replacement will be followed in Backup SIM issue.
3. You can make the Backup SIM active through SMS, IVR and e-Care.
4. Whenever the customer makes his Backup SIM active, his regular SIM will be deactivated instantly; both the SIM can’t be active at a time.
5. Customer can preserve only one Backup SIM at a time.
6. Customer must have a PIN, which he can change as per his choice, for Backup SIM service.
7. A user manual will be provided to the customers during Backup SIM purchase where all necessary information/process regarding Backup SIM services will be mentioned.
8. Customers who have the Registration Form can avail this service.

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