03 May 2014

Exciting Wearable Technology Items That Will Blow your Mind !

Exciting Wearable Technologies

These days are the age of technology especially for wearable fashion products. Some are mind blowing some are not! But this industry is growing fast. Here are some introduction of those kind.

Google Glass:

Google always try to give something best you never imagine. Here comes the glass! A ordinary glass that can change your view of world. To explore differently,walk silently,share your moments more explicitly and most of all made you a complete person.

In my opinion this technology will rule the for next few decades.

Nike+ FuelBand
Nike, one of the great fashion wear industry with lots of innovation. They create a intelligent wrist  Band, with this fashionable piece you can monitor all kind of activity you do in whole day gives you the best prediction of your activities and plan for your next move.It track your activity regardless of your age,gender or weight.

It has a bright LED display also always syncronze the data with your smartphone in real time.

Nike+ FuelBand

This is the cool fashion with cool technology.


Watch, Great watch and Greatest watch, yes it's samsung's wearable watch the most used tools for mankind for a long time. But it's different! It can interact with you , calm you, give you information in your fingertip. Have a Galaxy phone then it's the best Gadget for you. Incoming calls, texts,e-mails,alarts, photography and short form of your important tasks.As always connected to phone you never miss any activity of world around you. Isn't it great!


Future miniature information source, no doubt!

Muse: The brain sensing HeadBand

Wanna calm your brain and accelerate your working capacity! here come the Brain sensing head Band with 7 sensor like heart beat monitor,brain activity etc.

Muse: The brain sensing HeadBand


Bragi-THe Dash

This is actually a headphone but intelligent one.It can sense your brain, count your heart beat , monitor your activity. With a 4GB built in memory with 100s of songs also Bluetooth connectivity it becomes more smart.It can be controlled by motion sensors or simply by tapping. So enjoy even when in a walkway or riding bicycle.



As you seen in Minority Report this ring has some incredible computer power and off course wearable! With this you can write text by air command, control home applainces ,apps on your phone or smart TV.

Here the details on the video.


Upcoming Gadget from Google

This one is really cool in my eye that monitoring blood glucose without even a drop of blood! Yes if every thing is okey Google will present smart contact lenses that measure your glucose level with wearer's tears helping thousands of diabetic patients.It has a small wireless chip enable you to see the progress on your smartphone.

More details on the video